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Anyone Can Be A Graphic Designer With Canva – The Photoshop Alternative

Free Graphic Design For Social Media In a world where graphics and images dominate the landscape, Photoshop and other Adobe products have reigned supreme. For the professional graphic designer and the advanced user, there is simply nothing better. But what about the novice user, or the individual who wants to simply create images for their [...]

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SEO Services

Orange County SEO Company (Search Engine Optimization) Want to See your website on the top of Google's search results for highly valuable key words? Having an online presence can and will generate more leads & sales for your small business. Review our SEO Campaign plans to see what SEO services will be delivered to you! Need More Visitors Already [...]

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Top Five Ways To Get Sales Online

INTRODUCTION Everybody knows that the key to success is good publicity. This is especially the case for any company wishing to increase their sales. Today, most people have access to the internet and this is the first place that many people look to purchasing goods or services. In order for you to increase your sales, [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Generate Business Leads Online

Generating leads is probably what you spend most of your time and money doing, no matter what you sell. For most businesses, the process of finding people and getting them to interact with you and your product or service is expensive and frustrating. There are ways to make it easier and to make those leads [...]

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Social Media Marketing: The Ingredient Your Business Cannot Miss

In a time when people watch less and less TV and spend more time connected to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, your business cannot miss being found on social media. The traditional marketing strategies that used to work well such as Yellow Page advertising, Newspaper articles, mailers etc. have been [...]

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How Search Engine Optimization Generates Leads For Your Business

There are number of proven strategies that businesses, website developers and bloggers use to market their products today. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective and popular ways of doing this and generating leads. SEO has become one of the most commonly used strategies in online marketing today because of its effectiveness [...]

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How To Use Instagram To Generate Web Traffic and Sales

If we offered you free, global, targeted audience advertising on the largest social media platform on the planet, would you say Oh Ya? Of course you would! With global reach, 55 million shares daily and higher conversion percentages, what’s not to like? Download the Instagram app, fill out the details, choose your first strategic image [...]

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Google + Authorship

There has been a recent buzz in the online community that when Google patented a digital ID verification process, that verified authorship for blog posts, articles, website content etc. will have a large impact in search results. Most of you may have already noticed author pictures from a Google + profile in search results. Here [...]

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Optimize your website for trust, Credibility, and a Brand

How to Brand a New Business Online One of the great things about being in the internet marketing industry is that I can help various kinds of businesses and learn how to sell for each type. One important factor that has consistently remained the same for every business is the brand. Starting a new website [...]

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How Press Releases Can Increase Rankings

Writing a Press Release for your company may seem like an expensive and time consuming way to gain attention to your business which it normally is. However, you can create and submit a Press Release to an online distributor like or for an inexpensive price of $89 minimum (can go up to $499). [...]

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